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    Cannot find SampleAuthenticatorDatabase.java

      Many documentation sites (like e.g. http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12890_01/ales/docs32/dvspisec/examples.html) show examples on developing Security Providers. They usaually include the code for SampleAuthenticationProviderImpl.java and SampleLoginModuleImpl.java. However, they both use SampleAuthenticatorDatabase.java, that is NOT listed. The links to download the code in these articles point to the old BEA dev2dev site, that is no longer available. There is a (partial?) archive available for dev2dev on the Oracle site, but there I cannot find these full code examples.

      1) Can you help me find the full "Code Examples for Developing Security Providers"?

      2) Or do you have the SampleAuthenticatorDatabase.java for me?

      3) Or can you recommend another example, that will help me develop a security provider?