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Generate Query in PLSQL to return Well Formed XML with Multiple records

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Hi there

This is very urgent. I am trying to create a PLSQL query that should retrieve all records from oracle database table "tbl_Emp" in a well formed xml format. The format is given below

*<Employees xmlns="http://App.Schemas.Employees" xmlns:xsi="">*

To retrieve data in above format, I have been trying to create a query for long time as below

SELECT XMLElement("Employees",
XMLAttributes('http://App.Schemas.Employees' AS "xmlns",
*'' AS "xmlns:xsi"),*
XMLElement("Employee", XMLForest(First_Name, Last_Name)))
FROM tbl_Emp;

But it does not give me the required output. It creates <Employees> tag with each individual record which I don't need. I need <Employees> tag to be the root tag and <Employee> tag to repeat and wrap each individual record. Please help me in this as this is very urgent. Thanks.
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    Please remember that nothing is "urgent" here, and repeating that it is will likely produce the opposite effect.

    If you need a quick answer, provide all necessary details in the first place :
    - db version
    - test case with sample data and DDL

    That being said, this one's easy, you have to aggregate using XMLAgg :
    SELECT XMLElement("Employees"
           , XMLAttributes(
               'http://App.Schemas.Employees' AS "xmlns"
             , '' AS "xmlns:xsi"
           , XMLAgg(
               , XMLForest(
                   e.first_name as "First_Name"
                 , e.last_name  as "Last_Name"
           ) AS "RESULT"
    FROM hr.employees e


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