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    Internet Browser

      What internet browser do you use for this application?

      I have used ie 8.

      I have tried ie 9 but the attachments did not work for this browser.

      Firefox seemed to work the best.

      Any opinions?
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          What Version of CM 14 are you using?

          From what ive heard from oracle firefox is the preferred browser due to how its able to process java. I know on SP1 and 2 they did some enhancements for how it runs in IE.
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            My IT said we have installed sp 1 and I asked them to install sp 2.

            When go to the log on screen of PCM 14, however, it says Version, Build 2186.
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              Firefox is working much better for me.

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                From the Contract Management login screen, the build number should show as if your installation of Contract Management has been upgraded to CM 14 SP1. The build number and version numbers are as follows:

                Contract Management 14.0 Service Pack 2      2456
                Contract Management 14.0 Service Pack 1 Hotfix 4      2279
                Contract Management 14.0 Service Pack 1 Hotfix 3      2273
                Contract Management 14.0 Service Pack 1 Hotfix 2      2263
                Contract Management 14.0 Service Pack 1      2252
                Contract Management 14.0      2186

                If possible, your IT Department should be able to download SP 2 from the My Oracle Support site ( http://support.oracle.com ) and download the patch and implement it in your environment.

                As for web browsers, yes Mozilla Firefox does function much smoother however some of the bugs that were addressed in the service pack allow for Internet Explorer 9 to function better.
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                  That is what I figured. I did not think we had the service pack installed. However my IT believes it has. I will let them know, as it is difficult to work in with all of the bugs.