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    Where are the includes located in UCM

      Trying to edit "workflow_docs_list.htm" and now I'm trying to find where the include "workflow_docs_table" is located in UCM. Anyone have a idea where I can find the include at?

      Answered my own question so close this topic if possible.

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          For 10g, this can be found in ucm_dir/custom/CS10gR35CoreUpdate/core/resources/std_page_workflow.htm.

          I found this by searching for the term "workflow_docs_table" in all files under the ucm_dir/custom/ directory.

          Next time, please post the answer so if others run into the same issue, they will know how you solved it.

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            Sorry about that I asked because I have to request the needed file and need to know beforehand, for the answer what I did was I found the .htm file that built the page (for my problem it is "workflow_docs_list.html"), and found the include that is being called (the include was "workflow_docs_table"). Next I went to the workflow page I wanted to work on (workflow "XyZ" under Active Workflow) and added &IsPageDebug=1 to the end of the url (gotta make sure the URL is for that active workflow or it won't work).

            Once the page loads there is a gray tab, click it and it will expand showing some options, click "iDocTrace" and expand the popup window and search for the include you want ("workflow_docs_table" for my case) and it will show the file location if it is being used.


            I do have a new question if anyone whats to take a shot at it. I have a table of data that has a metadata tied to it, but if I try to access the metadata through iDoc I just get the id number tied to it, I wanna grab the name I gave it in the table. The reason is if someone was to remove/add a new item in the table we would have to make a lot of changes to difference areas with the idoc and was hoping to avoid using the current method of converting the number into it's name.

            table x:
            id=1; name=test

            I get the id number instead of the name if I called the metadata tied to it via iDoc and was hoping to get name instead is this possible?

            Solved: the function getViewValue was just what I needed, getViewValue("view", xTest, "viewColum")

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