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    Possible to move ASM volumes from standby to primary for san migration

      2 node RAC
      1.5 terabytes of data

      Current plan to migrate the SAN, present powerpath luns to host, format and stamp for use. in ASM, alter diskgroup add disk, finish, drop old disks. This will work, Ive done a POC, its very straightforward and only a couple of commands but even with highest rebalance power Im looking at 14 hours. which is currently outside of time constraints I have for post testing.

      So Im thinking is there a quicker way and was thinking is it possible to use dataguard to create a new standby instance on a test box which has the luns presented. do this day time before migration. then come snap time, refresh the standby, shutdown primary, unpresent the new SAN luns on the standby and re - present to the primary node, startup and switch to primary mode?

      Ive done similar with file system instances but not sure how this would work with ASM luns.