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    Install third-party drivers in 3.2

      Hi all,

      after (clean) installing SQLDev 3.2, I'm unable to add third-party drivers in the automated way (from Tools/Prefs/Ext/Check for up):
      - tried (multiple times) with MSS and MySQL drivers,
      - pop-up window (licenc-agrement) appears and
      - nothing else happens.

      Checking the <profile>\SqlDev mappa shows a dir named "temp\update" has just created and it contains the expected files (eg. oracle.sqldeveloper.thirdparty.drivers.sqlserver.58.17.zip) with 0 bytes.

      Any idea?
      OS: Win7(x64), Java(TM) Platform     1.7.0_09, Oracle SQL Developer Build MAIN-09.87.

      (Manual installation of this drivers works fine.)

      M. Zsolt.