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    Migrating from to

      This might have been covered earlier. But really not sure. We are currently upgrading from to Once the installation and configuration of is done, Can we use LCM to migrate the apps from the old to the new version?

      Applications we currrently have are

      2.Essbase studio
      6.Web Analysis.
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          Apparently it is not supported and LCM require both the source and destination environments to be of the same version.
          It may all work or just certain components migrate successfully, also LCM does not support essbase studio yet.


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            Thanks John.

            In that case, would it require a Database restore for EPMA, Planning and Essbase Studio?

            For Essbase Hope I can create a blank application and move the .otl files and calc scripts and data(Level 0 Export, Import and Agg).
            For FR and Web analysis, Hope the reports can be exported and Imported.

            Also would like to know if there is any documentation for migrating from to
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              For shared services do we have to migrate the data from to using HSSMigrate.bat?

              Any help is appreciated.
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                Hi ,

                LCM migrations can take place from to . YOu just need change the folder structure bit of the and add a import and export xml file. The format of the xml files can be obtained by taking a test lcm backup from environment.
                But you will face issues with Business rules. You need to export the business rules for calc manager as does not have business rules.

                Hope this helps.


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                  Oracle says we have to install on the new servers. Use LCM to migrate the applications from old to new server and then apply as a maintenance release. Is this the recommended path to upgrade from to Just wanted to make sure.
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                    Nicholas King
                    What you described is the supported upgrade path.
                    Sometimes you can find other creative ways to migrate the objects depending on what you need migrated - but LCM is not supported between two different versions so you can't use that.