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    Information Regarding BTM

    Roshni Shankar
      Hi All,

      To use Business Transaction Management is it necessary to upgrade OEM to OEM Without upgrading can't we use business transaction management? Simply is BTM supported in OEM 12cR1 ? Its' really urgent.

      Thanks in Advance!!
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          Jurgen de Leijer-Oracle

          no you don't need to upgrade. We did just introduce some new screens inside a new EM target called Business Application. in the Business Application target data coming from BTM and RUEI is exposed in EM, key performance indicators, business transaction aggregation data, etc.
          But these screens are duplications of data already available in BTM UI itself. So just deploying BTM will provide the full functionality, you can drill down to JVMD, etc. But if you want some native EM screens with BTM data you'll need EM's latest release ( because that release has the new Business Application target. But for BTM itself there is no dependency.

          R, Jurgen
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            Roshni Shankar

            Can you tell me then how can I deploy BTM? I have no idea of using BTM, Do I need to install BTM or what? What exactly this deploying BTM means?
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              Please follow the instructions in the installation guide: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/install.121/e37016/toc.htm
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                Roshni Shankar
                Thanks for the document..
                One more thing.. I understand that I can deploy BTM files to a weblogic server but on which weblogic server I need to install these BTM files. Do I need to deploy these files on the weblogic admin server of OEM domain? or I need to install a new weblogic server and there I can install these files?
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                  All four EAR files, 3 for central servers and one for monitor need to be deployed on 4 different weblogic servers in production environment.
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                    Roshni Shankar

                    Four weblogic servers ?? Is this mean that I have to install four separate weblogic servers? that means I'll have four Oracle_Home?? or did you mean the managed servers?? but then can these servers be created under the same domain?? Can we create these managed servers from the administration console itself?? I am not understanding.. can you give me the detailed process??
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                      Please take a look at the installation guide that I had sent you earlier. All these questions are answered there. Look the prerequisite section: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/install.121/e37016/prerequisites.htm#CIHFDFJC
                      You just need to have 4 separate WLS managed servers under one domain.
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                        Can you also give more details on what sort of environment do you have that you are trying to monitor with BTM so that I can help you better in future? Who is the customer here?
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                          Roshni Shankar
                          Hi Vishal,

                          Actually I need to manage transaction in my soa composite which is deployed in a domain which contains one admin server , one managed server(soa_server1). Now my query is do I need to deploy BTM over the same domain where my soa_server1 resides?? or do I need to create a new oracle home where I can install a fresh weblogic server and deploy BTM over there also if this can be the case then how I am going to integrate BTM with my soa server domain on which my soa composite applications are deployed as BTM will require data from my soa composite application I believe. How the data will move from my domain where my composites are deployed to the domain where BTM will be deployed?

                          Also if I need to deploy BTM servers on the same domain where the soa composites, which I want to manage, are deployed then do I need to create four separate managed servers for BTM in the same domain using administration console--> domain-> servers--> Add New and providing a proper listen address and port?

                          Please guide!! Where and how should I deploy BTM servers??
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                            Roshni Shankar
                            Hi Vishal,
                            Any update to my query??
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                              Can you tell me which customer is this for?
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                                Roshni Shankar

                                This is for internal use only which falls under self skill building.
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                                  All your basic questions are answered in the installation guide. Please read chapter 6: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/install.121/e37016/central_server_install.htm#BABGGBJD
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                                    Dear Roshni Shankar,

                                    BTM Central Servers have to be deployed on an invidual BTM_Domain on a separate WebLogic Server. You should create a Domain with four distinct Managed Servers in addition to the ubiquituous Admin Server for this Domain. You should not host this Domain on the same Server as your production environment under monitoring for production purposes. For your skill building you may instead deploy everything in one Server, which is readily available as the Demo Environment for download.

                                    Yes, for a proper installation you would add individual managed servers with a unique Socket (ie. Hostname:Listen Port).

                                    Please note that for BTM you will want to make sure that you need to install the ADF Developer Runtime before creating the Domain / Managed Servers or afterwards extend your Domain with the JRF Java Runtime Files. You may want to peek at the following document for this new dependency: http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/jdeveloper/howto/11114/managedserver/wlsadfms.html

                                    Kind regards,
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