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    script for sql*loader

      Hi All,

      I am loading the data from .csv format to table by using sql*loader.

      This sql*loader command was existed in one of the pl/sql Procedure. this procedure will first create a table and then it will get the data by using sql*loader command,then one procedure will run.

      to run this script we are manually loading the data from excel by using sql*laoder by running the .ctl command from Command prompt.. instead of doing manually this process is there any other way to do it automatically.

      if it is possible please let me know.

      here i am giving the script
      drop table emp;
      create table emp
      (eno number,
      ename  varchar2(20),
      job varchar2(20),
      sal number(4),
      doj date
      - here table created.
      then here by using below sql*loader command loading the data info emp table
      load data
      infile <file path>
      fields terminated by ','
      intto table emp
      by running this control file manually from command prompt loading the data.

      then there is a procedure which we need to to update the EMP table.

      for this whole thing we are just running the script except loading the data part.

      for this please let me know the automation part.