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    User Profiles in Reference App

      Is there a way to pass a specific User Profile to trigger a business rule in the JSP Reference App?

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          Terry Wilson
          Assuming this is for 6.2.x and below; The user profile does not have a corresponding endeca url navigation parameter so I would amend the reference app to take a field and enter the user profile that way. You would then use that value and set the profile in code, from the AdvDevGuide:

          //User profiles can be any string. The user profiles must
          // exactly match those configured in Developer Studio.
          // Add this import statement at the top of your file:
          // import java.util.*;
          Set profiles = new HashSet();
          // Collect all the profiles into a single Set object.
          // Augment the query with the profile information.

          Now add it to the ENEQuery in the controller.jsp file before execution.