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    ODI LDAP Setup -

      We are in the process of setting of a connection within ODI to pull email addresses from our Active Directory as part of a project requirement. I am stumped on how to set up the JDBC connection correctly. I have read all the fun blogs describing this and have not been able to get past the error noted below.

      Reference Material Already Reviewed
      Not able to connect to Active Directory through Topology manager of ODI

      ODI Version =

      Current Configuration
      Technology = LDAP

      Definition Tab
      Name - TestLDAP
      User = CN=user.name,OU=IT,OU=Accounts,OU=xxxx,DC=domain1,DC=domain2,DC=com

      JDBC Tab
      Data Server JDBC Driver = com.sunopsis.ldap.jdbc.driver.SnpsLdapDriver
      JDBC URL = jdbc:snps:ldap?ldap_url=ldap://server.domain.com:389/&ldap_password=IMLHKINLKHKNKJGKGJGPGPDB&ldap_basedn=dc=domain1,dc=domain2,dc=com

      Test Results
      Error = java.sql.SQLException: A NamingException occurred saying CN=corhqamigopod2

      Any help that can be offered is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, Via
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          often when it comes to connect to LDAP I had very small typos. An LDAP reading tool like i.e. http://www.ldapbrowser.com/ helped in most cases. In your case there seems to be an issue with


          which is probably because there is no corhqamigopod2 defined in your LDAP-Server or the user your are using to connect to LDAP does not have privileges to read underneath the wanted tree or something similar.
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            The most interesting part of the error is that the according to our Window's Sever Admin 'corhqamigopod2' is a device and has nothing to do with LDAP. Does that ring any bells?