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    No "Lite" version of ODAC?

      There does not appear to be a "Lite" version of ODAC

      http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/winsoft-085727.html only lists up to (Release 4).

      Has it been dropped? Do I need to download from another location?

      Thanks -- Chad
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          Link referred to is for Instant Client packages != ODAC packages.


          There are Xcopy deployment versions/packages, if that's what you mean by "Lite" version.
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            OK - then there is no instant client for --

            All I'm really looking for is the oraciei11.dll for that only has the US character set (i.e. isn't 125+ meg).

            The name or the packaging is completely irrelevant.
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              The last .20 is a patch version. Which means it may be that Instant Client was not patched, only some other dlls, and therefor is the latest available.
              (Note that individual dll versions may differ from patch version.)

              The only a few client character sets - version you are looking for is Basic Lite. And yes name of package matters in this case ;)

              I assumes you meant: oraociicus11.dll, which is about 34 MB.

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