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    modal window can some help me here please apex 4.2 theme  cloud

      i am using 11g apex 4.2 theme cloud,

      Seems the previous version of skill builder modal window was easier to implement ..
      I am facing issues while implementing the latest versionof modal window..

      *using plugin in i have installed the  plugin..
      I have created a page with a button create.

      The button created calls a dynamic action

      The modal window still donot open..
      Button style Template based button
      Redirect to Url javascript: return false;
      After that i create a dynamic action
      Click on jquery selector #create_button

      Dialog Title Create Employee
      Static Url f?p=&APP_ID.:2:&APP_SESSION.:::2:::

      It just doenst work ... You can see the demo in following link

      Note there are 2 create buttons 1 with no image create ..this one is using the create_button example
      it is trying to show a modal window by using jquery selector

      The other button get quote uses the older method
      But here too the window is small in size...
      This uses the get click dom object technique (Which is a older technique)

      And does any one have older version of skill builder modal window
      And in security attributes Cache set to enabled and enabled in frame set to allow

      Any information is highly appreciated

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