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    How to count the values to identify the record instead of  previous record

      Hi friends i have to identify the record, my table is like this, S means sale, from 56 -> 8 sale, and 48 is new, now i have to update the 8 as ->S in table2 i dont no how to do coding for this, and i have inserted a column as is_identify default as N, if there s a partial sale, then i make it as Y, so if there is a Y for 56, then i have to update the new record 48 in table 2, in this i dont no how to do it... so Have to count X+C=N, then i have to set the flag as Y, then for tht record i have to insert new 48 N record in table2, now its not inserting into table2.... how to write coding for this any1 can help me

      table1 Table2

      lot_id quantity rec_type lot_id quantity activity_type

      1256 10 N 1256 10
      1234 56 X 1234 56 --------S
      1234 48 N
      1234 -8 C