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    Export Table from one database to another one

      Hello everybody,

      I have a question about DataPump API. I was wondering if it was possible to export a table directly in another database.

      My problem is like this. I have two databases. Let's say db_src and db_dst. I have a database link in one direction. db_src can put data in db_dst using an INSERT like this
      INSERT INTO dst_table@db_dst ....
      But I can not do in the destination database a SELECT from the source.

      Every day I have to copy the content from the source database to the destination database. I was wondering if we can do this directly using DATAPUMP. INSERT INTO the remote database take quite some time. I also have to syncrhonize the structure and the indexes manually. Datapump can probably do that for me. So, I was thinking, is there a solution to use datapump to do that without creating a file on a folder? Im using Oracle 10g.

      Thank you,