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    AIA PIP 11.2 - OOTB wsdl are not valid

      Hi all,

      we have installed AIA PIP 11.2. We have copied the AIAMetaData OOTB folder in our local machine so we can have these resources in local. After validating some wsdls with Altova XMLSpy we have got some errors. Some of them are associated to the namespace oramds. We have removed these references but we still have other errors (for example some elements not defined but used):

      The number of <fault> elements in operation 'PreXformEBMtoABMEBM' (binding 'SyncCustomerPartyListSiebelProvABCSImplExtensionService_Binding') does not match the number of <fault> elements in operation 'PreXformEBMtoABMEBM' (portType 'SyncCustomerPartyListSiebelProvABCSImplExtensionService')

      Does anybody have the same problem? Maybe it's because the installation is not correct or it is a problem in the OOTB?