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    Errors when launching NEWLANG batch in CC&B


      I have tried to install the French package for CC&B, first the batch completed without errors, but when trying to create a V model there are alot of missing values.
      when i checked the tables for which errors are generated (CI_ROLE_L, CI_CEVT_CAN_RSN_L...) i saw that there are no entries for French (language_cd). I was asked to run the batch many times this way it can duplicate the missing entries, but it is still giving other errors (Erreur-CIPZLNGB –Error SQL when trying dynamic insertion in CI_FUNC_L) for many tables. When checking again the concerned tables i see that this time entries exit and it is normal that it could not duplicate the existing entries.
      But this is running follwing a random manner and i dont know really when exatcly to stop launching the batch NEWLANG !!

      Please is there a correct way for duplicating the entries correcly, whithout having to launch it many times and each time getting different errors ?

      NB: My database character set is specified to WE8ISO8859P15 and i enabled FRA in dashboard before launching the first time the NEWLANG batch.

      Thank you