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    Session state popup

      APEX 4.2

      Clicking the Session link at the bottom of a page run via the Builder brings up a page that shows the session state data of items.

      But when page items are populated by a APEX automatic row fetch process such that Source/Type=Always/Database Column, those page items are not shown on the session state popup window so we can't see their values.

      I am pretty sure this was not the behavior in 4.0. Any idea why it was changed? Is there a way to get the original behavior back?

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          Christian Neumueller-Oracle
          Hi Vikas,

          this is because of 4.2 changes to session state management. It's a performance improvement and reduces redo.

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            Patrick Wolf-Oracle
            Hi Vikas,

            as addition to Christians reply, the DML Fetch process has never written anything into permanent session state. So you should have never seen the most current values in the session state popup. You would have seen the values from your last submit.

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              Christian, Patrick - Honestly, I don't remember the prior behaviour in this regard. I was just surprised that on a wizard generated form-on-table page with dozens of page items, clicking on the session state popup showed only the hidden PK item. Just a little disconcerting. I would have preferred the popup to list all the page items with some footnote to explain why the session state values are not shown. Just my 2c.
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                Arie Geller
                Hello Vikas,

                I’ve discussed a similar issue with Joel the other day, and I’ve learned that with 4.2, the change Christian mentioned includes displaying only Session State values that were set explicitly by the APEX engine (including, BTW, null values). As Patrick mentioned, if your item/column is defined as “Always”, it doesn’t set permanent (I call it persistence) Session State value, and as such it will not appear in the Page Items Session State popup windows until you submit the page for the first time (and as Patrick stated, this behavior has not changed).

                This behavior also span to the Application Item and the (entire application) Session State popup options.

                I don’t remember reading about this change of behavior in the documentation, and maybe this should be fixed.

                >> Is there a way to get the original behavior back?

                As far as I can tell, no. All Session State popup options only display items with explicitly set values. I agree with you that it can be baffling at times. For example, if all your page items are of type “always”, after loading the page for the first time, the Page Item Session State popup window will report “Page has no items.”, which is clearly not accurate. It should report something like Page has no items in session state.


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