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        Latest Sqldev forum: SQL Developer

        KinsaKaUy? wrote:
        Can I use 32bit sqldev on 64bit win7?
        Try it?

        Why not, I've seen posts in this thread saying you can't, but without explanation.

        One explanation would be related to usage requirements, e.g. you have > 2GB memory needs or you need to integrate with other 64-bit software such as Oracle Client libraries (thick jdbc) or JDK for some reasons (debugging Java libraries).
        But if you don't know you have these requirements, you probably do not have them, ;)

        As long as there is a supported java vm for your platform, I believe 32-bit on 64-bit should work generally.
        On Windows x64 it will run under "WoW64" environment.

        The version on the relevant downloads page for Win that includes JDK (32-bit) is easy to get started with.
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          But Why there's two version , 32bit can be installed on 64bit but why there's two version ?
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            I guess just in case you need more than 2Gb memory processing power which is tha limitation of 32bit OS ;)
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              Osama_mustafa wrote:
              KinsaKaUy? wrote:
              I thank you all :)

              Can I use 32bit sqldev on 64bit win7?
              No you can't , The link i post include download link for SQL DEVELOPER two version 32bit , 64bit
              Once again, this is patently false. 64-bit OS's are quite capable of running 32-bit software. We do it all the time. And to anticipate your rebuttal (which you stated in a later message) the reason Oracle provides both 32 and 64 bit versions is NOT because 64 bit OS cannot run 32-bit sw, but because 32 bit OS cannot run 64 bit sw.

              as i told you before use software that let you browse while you are offline .
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                Again Ed for 1000 times Thank you :)
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