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    Upgrade of Oracle forms and reports on 6i to Oracle 11g

      Dear All,

      I wish to know the level of support for running Oracle 6i forms and reports over Oracle Database Is this currently supported by Oracle ? If yes, is there any supporting document?

      Secondly, how can I make my forms and reports running on Oracle 6i to Oracle 11g ? Is Oracle 6i supported on Oracle 11g also ? Can I run my forms/reports by just upgrading the database to 11.2g and execute them?

      Looking forward to your earliest response on the subject

      Thank you

      Best Regards
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          The support for 6i Version is discontinued. And will be no longer supported. Straight Answer.

          And to answer your Second question,

          I understand you have Form6i in client/server installation and looking to upgrade the database to 11g version.

          If this is right, most of the pl/sql code will work fine against the 11g database and those bits of pl/sql which uses the Forms6i might not compile but it will be easy to convert or migrate using Forms Migration Assistant.

          hope this will little help.