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    Using Replace Function

      Hi All,

      I have a column called latepayment and it has values like

      1. payment is > 90 days
      2. payment is < = 10 days

      Now I want to use Replace function to replace > and < to 'greaterthan'
      and 'lessthan' resp but the issue is that in replace function I can give only one argument. So what I am doing is in the fx area for the column


      this replaces the > sign very well with greaterthan string and show me values like

      1. payment is greaterthan 90 days
      2. payment is < = 10 days

      but I want to replace < to 'lessthen' too, how can I do that? Can I write two replace statements? How can replace multiple string or special characters for a single column?

      Please help.