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    Total in report

      Title says it all. I would like to know how to do total in report.

      Thank you.
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          Welcome to Oracle Forums!
          Please acquaint yourself with the FAQ and forum etiquette if you haven't already done so.
          Also, get yourself a friendlier handle, 974072 is not friendly
          Always state
          <li>Apex Version</li>
          <li>DB Version and edition</li>
          <li>Web server used.I.e. EPG, OHS, ApexListner Standalone or with J2EE container</li>
          <li>When asking about forms always state tabular form if it is a tabular form</li>
          <li>When asking about reports always state Classic / IR</li>
          <li>Always post code snippets enclosed in a pair of &#123;code&#125; tags as explained in FAQ</li>