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    APEX 4.1 Gotchas


      We upgraded to APEX 4.1 a couple of weeks ago after we tested all of our application in a 4.1 test environment. After upgrading a couple of issues popped one. One minor and one major.

      The minor one is that users started complaining that they were having to sign in multiple times a day, when they didn't have to before the upgrade. We have since learned that there is now a Idle Time session time out setting in each application.

      The major issue is that we have a page that now gets a 'too many parameters error'. It appears that there is now a 2,000 limit. All I could find on this issue is the link below.
      APEX: ERROR ON PAGE : Too many arguments passed in
      I'm not an APEX Admin or DBA, so I don't know why we're suddenly getting this error. Could it be due to a setting being changed as part of the 4.1 upgrade?

      Also, are there any other 4.1 gotchas that we may stumble across?

      Thanks, Tony
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          This is maybe stupid question and I know it's not helping,
          but why you didn't upgrade to APEX 4.2 version where most 4.1 issues are fixed?

          From witch version you did upgrade?
          Have you read APEX 4.1 release note to find out more changed features comparing previous version?
          And see also 4.1 known issues

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            Some shops do NOT like to go with current versions of APEX.. I have worked in two or three that would always be one version behind due to IT restrictions..

            Thank you,

            Tony Miller
            Ruckersville, VA