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      Re: No "Lite" version of ODAC?

      on orafad's recommendation (thanks!)


      Is there a "basic lite" instant client that corresponds to ODAC

      I'm assuming it's needed because we're building / deploying on .net 4.5 which is only supported in ODAC

      I'm mainly looking for the oraociicus11.dll that has limited character sets -- which is about 34 MB -- I don't want to have to ship 125+ meg version unless we absolutely need to.

      from orafad's response to my questions -- if it helps to translate to oracle speak :) --

      The last .20 is a patch version. Which means it may be that Instant Client was not patched, only some other dlls, and therefor is the latest available.
      (Note that individual dll versions may differ from patch version.)

      The only a few client character sets - version you are looking for is Basic Lite. And yes name of package matters in this case

      I assumes you meant: oraociicus11.dll, which is about 34 MB.
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      Regards, Chad
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          Laurenz Albe
          Looking at
          I see that "ODAC 11.2 Release 5 (" includes "Oracle Instant Client".
 seems to only apply to "Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio".

          So unless Oracle is quite sloppy about their version numbers (which they usually are not)
          that would be exactly the same version as the download from

          So I would feel safe about removing oraociei11.dll and replacing it with oraociicus11.dl
          from Instant Client Basic Lite
          Also, the Instant Client shared library contains message and time zone files, and the chances
          that these change between fixpacks is not so big.

          Of course, if you need certainty that this is supported, you'd have to have support and
          open a service request.

          Laurenz Albe
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            Thank you very much for that info! I didn't notice the versions for those dll's were the same --