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    v20z, cant add SP into opscenter.  IPMI, blank user?

    Philip Brown
      Hi folks,
      trying to put some v20z's under SP management (yes.. i know.. pity me.. but they are still supposedly supported :)

      I choose the v20z/v40z discovery profile. I set a valid SSH credential.

      If I leave the IPMI stuff not set, it doesnt seem to work.
      Okay, I read the v20z docs, and do the "ipmi enable channel lan", and put in a password.

      It does not prompt me for a user.
      I can successfully use "ipmitool" from another system to talk to it... so long as I leave the user defaulted.
      According to the manpage, that means a "NULL" user.

      But I cant leave the username field blank, in the opscenter credential creation tool for IPMI access!!

      So, what do I do?
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          Philip Brown
          Hah. found the answer eventually. But posting the question, and answer, anyway, since this seems to be hidden arcane knowledge :-/

          you DO have to enable ipmi on the v20z SP, as well as ssh.
          Do this with "ipmi enable channel lan", and set the password when prompted.

          On the OpsCenter side, you need to create the credential... but since you cant leave the username blank.. use


          Note: that is TWO single-quotes.

          Which, when evaluated by a shell, will come out to... null :-/

          Extra annoying thing is.. the add asset job will "fail".... but it will actually add it as an asset.