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    Scheduling Jobs and Writing Error Logs

      Here is the user requirement:

      We are developing diagnostics and monitoring tools for our GSM network. We collect data from network elements and store in an Oracle Database. Our latency is between 5 and 15 minutes. We apply specialized business rules on the data and have come up with numerous KPIs to check the health of our network. At the moment we are using perl to process data on a schedule (crontab) and when KPIs violate set thresholds we display alarms on a dashboard. At the same time when an event occurs we write the event details to a log file in text format. Using splunk we are able to do some intelligent correlation of events and alarms and report accordingly. We also have a Geographical Map View to show regional alarms. An Event can be logged when being investigated, and thereby will be suppress from further diagnostics and flagged and "Logged Events".

      We have now been tasked to implement, duplicate and/or enhance our current monitoring system Ideally we would like to apply busiiness logic once only, and create the various views and logs.

      Any ideas on how we can accomplish this user requirement with APEX. We can create various views, however, these are only generated when the user accesses the reports. We need to schedule jobs to run in the background that will create event logs and also alarm via email. An important requirement is not to duplicate business logic, as it is very difficult to maintain.