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    Import MIB or Load MIB values

      Hi, I am running a solaris 10 with snmp enabled. But when i ran snmpget/snmpwalk commands it doesn't list me the required results and show no object ID found. After searching it shows i need to import or load the weblogic MIB values to snmp manager. How or where should i load this? Please help to troubleshoot this.
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          René van Wijk
          To communicate with the WebLogic SNMP agent, you need to load the WebLogic Server management information base (MIB) data into the MIB Browser.
          Using the MIB Browser application's File menu, select the Load MIB menu item, browse to the ${WL_HOME}/server/lib directory, and select the BEA-WEBLOGIC-MIB.asn1 file.
          After expanding the BEA-WEBLOGIC-MIB folder, you should see a list of WebLogic SNMP MIB tables. Replace the Community entry with the string public@your-server-name and
          perform an SNMP GET operation targeted to the admin server to get the names of the applications deployed to your-server-name.