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    updating the data from one schema to another schema

      Hi All,

      I have schema called SCOTT. In this I have a table Called EMP. The structure of EMP is as follows.
      Create table EMP
      ENO   Number,
      ID      Varchar2(20),
      PAN    VARCHAr2(20),
      name  varchar2(20),
      location  varchar2(20),
      zip    number (8),
      mailid   number(8),
      Apartment varchar2(20),
      roomno    number(8),
      corierid  number(8),
      corier_person_name  varchar2(30),
      Status  varchar2(1)
      i have a view EPM_VW in some other schema SYS which is created on 5 tables having related data to EMP table. Now my requirement is if am doing any modifications like INSERT/Update/Delete or any thing on EMP table in SCOTT it should be effectting immediately on the VIEW. Can you please give me your ideas?