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    R12 Cheque template - fonts not displaying properly

      UPDATE November 30th: We had a reoccurrance of font issues this morning on a different rtf cheque template. This time the micr font looks good but one of the other fonts came in too large. Once again payments that ran before and after and use the same template look good. Any help would really be appreciated...thanks.

      ORIGINAL POST November 29th:

      We are on R12 (12.1.3 - load balanced environment with multiple app servers) and have an intermittent issue with the micr line on our custom cheque template.

      We have been running several payment batches daily for almost a year with no issues. Then in October and again today we had one pdf file where the micr line was not rendered properly. Instead of the formatted micr line we get something like this:

      C000000999C A010101010A00001D0009D2C

      All the other fonts look fine and when we re-run the payment the cheque is good. There are no errors in the opp log, the concurrent manager log or the individual request logs. A payment that ran 20 minutes earlier worked fine and a payment that ran an hour later was fine.

      Sound familiar to anyone?

      Thanks for reading,


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