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    updating rulebase with uppercase and lowercase rulename make difference


      i got a problem when i am experiementing the sample code in oracle semantic developer's guide. the sample is about updating a rulebase-family_rb:

      UPDATE mdsys.semr_family_rb SET
      antecedents = '(?x :parentOf ?y) (?y :parentOf ?z) (?z :height ?h)',
      filter = '(h >= 6)',
      aliases = SEM_ALIASES(SEM_ALIAS('','http://www.example.org/family/'))
      WHERE rule_name = 'GRANDPARENT_RULE';

      in the last line-the where clause, the rule name (GRANDPARENT_RULE) is upper case; but it is lower case when i inserted it into the rulebase. however, when i updated the rulebase using the lower case rule name, i got '0 row inserted' that means nothing updated. and, the following query returned wrong result. however, if i updated the rulebase using the upper case rule name, i got '1 row inserted' and the query result is correct. i thought the upper case and the lower case should made no difference. can anybody tell me why the results are different? thanks in advance.

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