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    Action Dashboard

      I installed the EP2.7, and the Action Dashboard from 2.7 to our sandbox server.
      However it doesnt work. It just opens the defaultdashboard.html on the Portal.
      I added the config mention in install.
      And even if try to access using url http://<plm4p-home>/portal/default.aspx?InitialLoad=ActionDashboard it still just opens the default portal.

      What have done wrong?
      I aslo tried the under Core node or the Portal node, in customersettings.config
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          Can you check the portal directory to make sure it was installed in the proper location?
          Look for an extensions folder with action dashboard files it. You could also check the portal/bin folder for specific action dashboard files.
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            I see new ActionDashboard.dll, ActionDashboardService.dll, SolutionPackServices.dll file with their assoc pdb files, in portal/bin
            I see a new Extensions folder with Actiondashboard files in it under portal folder
            I see a new Extensions folder with Actiondashboard.css under css folder
            See new Redirector.xml file under Config/Extensions
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              Matt J-Oracle
              most likely the web.config was not properly updated. is it possible you did not stop IIS before installing AD? to be sure, run the installer to uninstall AD, rename web\portal\web.config to web\portal\web.config.orig, rerun the installer. after it completes, verify a new web.config was created.
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                ok I pretty sure I had IIS stopped and I even deleted Temp ASP.NET files. But I backed up portal/web.config, and unistalled and reinstalled again.
                making sure IIS was stopped. It is not updating the Portal/web.config.

                So i stopped IIS again, and also stopped the RC, but then did a Repair from the install. still didnt update portal/web.confg

                I saved the MSI log files if you want them. let me know an ill email them
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                  Matt J-Oracle
                  it's probably a bug that can be reported. however renaming the web.config should work. when you backup the web.config, are you left with a web.config and a web.config.orig in the directory? or, are you renaming web.config to web.config.orig so that you ONLY have web.config.orig in the directory?

                  if you do the latter and run the installer, it should create a new web.config in web\portal. does it do that? also, if you rename it, you don't have to stop and start IIS or the remotingcontainer.

                  i don't know how useful the log is, yet, but you can email me it to me, and i'll take a look.

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                    well now that work! I had left both web.configs in the folder.