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    Trade Spec distribution information best practices

      Hello - I'm looking for best practices regarding capturing distribution information at the trade spec level. For many of our SKU's, the data for CU dimensions, TU case and pallet dimensions, weight, etc are standard across many SKU's in a particular brand. Rather than adding this redundant information into every TU, are their best practices on capturing a "distribution spec" of sorts that could be linked to the trade spec where global succession / smart issue could be utilized to make changes to that dataset for mulitple Trade specs rather than going through each one to make a case dimension update? Thoughts on best ways to approach this?
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          Without knowing the full use cases (including change management concerns) it's hard to make an absolute recommendation. But you could look into the master spec relationship for any data that you feel is common across many specs. This explicit relationship is supported by global succession and get latest revision. You can also implicitly associate master specs by using the spec category listing on the applies to tab.

          Some use cases could also be solved with DRL catalogs and documents as well.

          Generally change management concerns help bring you to a solution decision. For example, when dimensions are changed will it always affect all finished goods that share the dimensions or could there be one offs for a period of time, will you need to revision the finished goods when the change occurs, will you need to notify or involve a team when this change occurs etc.

          Hope this helps. Post any further details and we can continue the discussion