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    AWE Workflow - Dynamic Path Not Working

      I have a scenario in which I have to create an AWE workflow with dynamic paths. I have set up the trace. The trace works fine when the process is initiated and the request is assigned to the first approver but after the first approver approves, the trace doesn't show anything.

      I am using worklist for notification. The item does get removed from the first approver's work-list but is not added in the second approver's worklist. I have tried to debug and see that whether the user-list method is called again and found out that it doesn't get called twice.

      I am using an application engine class for userlist.

      Please let me know what I am missing.
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          If you could refer me to a generic step-by-step guide for configuring a dynamic work-flow it would be great as I wasn't able to find anything regarding dynamic work flow. The red-paper that I read also focused on static work-flow.

          Let me add some more information about my scenario:
          1 - Create a single step+single path process with source set to dynamic and all criteria set to always true.
          2 - As it is a single step I will use the same user list based on an application class as the user list for the step.
          3 - I have added a field in the transaction record which helps me store the approval step number i.e. how many approvers have already approved this request. In the user list class, I use this field to join with a custom table to determine the user id of the approver to which the transaction next has to be routed. For example
          current-seq-id = 1 - approver = test1
          current-seq-id - 2, approver = test2

          I have created 3 events for the transaction with one being route for approval and the participants were the approvers from the drop-down.

          I hope this additional information helps you in identifying the issue and helping me. :)