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    OTL Data Archiving

      We are experiencing slowing performance in OTL due to the volumes of historic data we are holding and would like to archive some. I have read the OTL whitepaper and followed the instructions however when I run "Validate Data Set" then set completes with warning and the log file contains the following:
      Start of log messages from FND_FILE
      Validation Warnings
                Timecards Not Retrieved - Status = Approved >
      Timecard Period            Worker
      10-APR-10-16-APR-10   11 - 1234 - BLOGGS, JOE
      with a long list of employees. Running the "Archive Data Set" job does the same (completes with warning and similar log file messages) however all the data is transferred into the _AR tables as expected. I think the issue might be that we don't use Oracle Payroll/Projects and so we never actually retrieve time to another application. We transfer the time to BEE and then it stays there - reporting and payroll is done through bespoke reports/processes looking at the HXT tables.
      Will this cause any issues in archiving? Is it something to worry about? Can I flag the timecards as being retrieved to prevent completion with warning?

      Thanks in advance,
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          I am experiencing the same issue. Did you ever find a solution?

          Thank you
          Sarah Robb
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            We are also experiencing the same behavior.....pls any one out there who can show us a direction on this topic will be much appreciated.
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              I think .. this is the common behaviour with validate data set request i feel , because even i had seen similar case with our implementation ..our implementation of archieving has been done 6 months back and it improved the performance of system ..

              Even if its giving warning messages in log file , if u check the time card of thos eemployees for those particular periods all those time cards are archieved , so in my opinion u can ignore those messages ..i had cross checked some employees time cards now before posting here ..and i did not found any issue with Archieving ..
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                We have over 6 years of timecards in Oracle Time and Labor. We are looking into archiving our timecards. Following the OTL implementation guide, I created a data set to archive Jan 1-31, 2007 timecards and then ran the "Validate Data Set" process. The "Validate Data Set" process completes with a warning. The log says "Timecards Not Retrieved - Status = Approved" with a long list of names. I'm not finding anything on My Oracle support related to this. Did anyone find out what this means?

                Also, the implementation guide mentions setting profile "OTL: Max Errors in Validate Data Set". I'm not able to find that profile. I see one for "OTL: Max warnings in Validate Data Set" that is set to 500 at the site level. Does anyone know if oracle may have changed the name of that profile ... or know where I can find the "OTL: Max Errors in Validate Data Set" profile?

                We are on R12.1.3.

                Any input would be greatly appreciated.