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    OIM 11gR2 - Prepopulate Field Empty Problem

      Hi everyone,

      Can you tell me a scenario where the prepopulate fields is shown is in ?

      I have AD provision form. this form has some prepopulate fields. and this form is auto-prepopulate.
      I have an appliaction instance that has this form.

      When I want to do provision to target, I select relatede application instance, then form is shown.
      But form is empty. prepopulate fields is empty.

      In this scenario, what is missing?
      In this scenario, If there is not any missing and this situation is normal, can you tell me a scenario which prepopulate fields is full in ?

      Best regards.
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          you will have to write prepopulate adapters in OIM to populate the process form fields on load. Let me know if you need more details.
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            Rajiv Dewan
            For Application Instance you need to use prepopulate plugin

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              Nishith Nayan
              there are two form 1) Request Form-> attached with Application instance. appear in catalog. if you want to pre-populate then you have to develop pre-populate plugin as example given in above link. pre-pop adapter attached on process form using design console doesn't come in picture in this case.

              *2)Process Form->* directly attached with Resource object. it appears when the provisioning process is initiated or in short request is submited via catalog. here you will find all the prepop value which is attached on the process form

              In your case if all the fields are pre-populated better don't attach form while creating Application Instance. so that while requesting the request form won't appear in the catalog and it will directly proceed with the process form. If this solution suit you, create a new appinstance and don't attach any form here.

              If you want to have the request form also then develop the prepop plugin as given the above link.

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                Thank you for your reply.

                I know first scenario, I try to do this.
                According to your reply, I will try to develop a prepopulate adapter for request form.
                User->Accounts->Request Accounts->Application Instance->Request Form->Checkout->Submit.

                But I dont know second scenario?
                I want to see prepopulate fields.
                Can you tell me phases step by step?

                Best Regards.
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                  Hi Experts,

                  Was anyone able to acheive this? We went live with OIM 11gR2 and the team is been performing direct provisioning during phase1.

                  They do not see the prepopulate values for any of the process forms, AD, Exchange, Remedy, RSA....

                  The client is behind me to implement the functionality.

                  The funny part here is Oracle has confirmed that this is not a feature and will not be incorporated ever.

                  Please advice.

                  Kunal Jain
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                    Got this from Oracle A team.