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    parallel on Partition.

      Hi Folks,

      Please help me out to prepare a query to use parallel on partition.

      I have a very huge table T1 having 2 Billions of rows and partition on txn_dt having almost 20+ partition.

      Describe T1
      txn_dt date,
      row_id varchar2(20),
      program_id varchar2(20)
      program _id is having few distinct value across the database.

      So to get the data of the slected prorgram_id I am using below query.
      select /*+parallel(T1,10) full(T1) */ * from T1 where program_id in ('a-bcd','e-ght');
      h4. Is the syntax is right? Because the explain plan is not showing to use parallelism.

      Do the partition tables have different syntax to use parallel?