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    Cybersource Integration

      I'm having trouble in integrating Cybersource with ATG.
      All the steps to integrate are done. But at the time of submitting Billing information it gives an error as below :


      13:08:53,147 ERROR [UnknownService]
      atg.commerce.pricing.PricingException: Exception parsing ICSReply object: No return code

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          Gopinath Ramasamy

          This error may occur when the reply from Cybersource is not returning with a return code (ics_rflag or <yourapplicationname>_rflag). Please check the entire response from Cybersource. If you have access to Cybersource management console, please check if you can find any info related to this transaction. Also post some more logs before and after this error for further analysis.

          Gopinath Ramasamy
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            The problem is solved..
            The problem was in the certificates. After regeneration of all keys and certificates the problem is solved.