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    RMS 13.1 installation

      friends, i have several questions :

      1- in the installation guide of RMS13.1 it requires the installation of Oracle Database 11g Release 1 Enterprise Edition.
      but on the edelivery.oracle.com i found Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( , is it OK if i use this new release ?

      2- i a, not not familiar with the installation of Oracle Database 11g, is there an installation guide that i can use to install Oracle Database on Linux OS.

      3- where can i get "Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher " "Oracle Application Server Forms and Reports 10g version "

      i know am asking much, but i really need to learn the installation, configuration and use of RMS software.

      thank you all
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          well i found the following link for the installation of Oracle database on Linux , please advise me if i am on the right track or not



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            Hello Hussein,

            As you said the requirement for 13.1 release is database 11gR1. RMS 13.1 is officially supported on 11gR1. The 13.1 release may or may not support

            The only way you can download the old releases (database 11gR1, BI Publisher) is from Oracle Support.

            And regarding the installation of database whether it might 11gR1 or 11gR2 you can find bunches of installation guides in Google.

            You can follow the below links to install 11gR1



            Hope this helps.


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              thanks a lot
              there are lot of requirements for this RMS to run,

              i am from the Microsoft world and new to oracle.

              i guess it is normal with oracle to do such preparation

              anyway thank you again