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    Verity is not posting the results to page record

      In our new upgrade 8.52 environment we are facing some issues related to CRM keyword search.

      The page is not loading with search results in the search solution page when we are trying to search for solutions.

      We have build the search build collection and verity got build successfully.For few keywords results are getting displayed and for few keywords the values are getting
      processed in backend and values are not getting displayed in on the page. The page is keep on processing without displaying the results.

      We are able to come up to the line given below

      &Ret1 = &VeritySessionParms.SessionRequest.GetSearchResults("", &Bld1.VQL, &Arr1, "", 9, &Rows_To_Return, &Bld1.IndexList, &Bld1.RequestFieldsList);

      We are getting the ret1--> rowcount values.

      The below given line is giving trouble.


      Please help us to resolve this issue

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