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    Execute a method after the components of a fragment are instantiated


      I would like to know how to execute a method right after a page fragment is loaded and its components are instantiated.

      My use case is: I want to execute a method "disableAllInputComponents" that iterate all the input components and change their attributes "disabled" to "true".

      I tried to override the method "refreshRegion" in the ComponentClass but it does not work. The components are not yet instantiated. It is the same problem when I execute the function in the getter of the parent layout (a Panel Form Layout).

      I can use a variable "readonly" in a pageflow scope and verify its value in each component of each fragment with an EL Expression but I would like to know if it is possible to have a generic function that I can apply to all the forms.

      I work with JDeveloper Version

      Alain S.