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    Link two JFrames so that one would be always just on top of another

      I need to create two JFrame, f1 and f2, so that:
      - f2 would be always exactly under f1, even if f2 gains the focus.
      - f1 is not necessarily and always on top (e.g. a popup can appear on top).
      - no other window (from the same java application or from any other application of the OS) could be inserted between f1 and f2.

      Note: I can't use CardLayout or InternalFrames or other light-weight components.I really need two JFrames (or Window). The reason is that I have to reparent a X-Window on a Java application and for several reasons I need that this X-Wwindow would be reparent on the f2 frame and that part of the f1 window be transparent so that the user can see the X-Window behind.