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    Experience? Using ADF BC with Jax-rs to enable a CORS compliant REST Servic

    Pascal B
      Hello everyone!

      We experimented with ADF Mobile during Beta but decided to code one of our back-office apps using web standards instead, since it's primarily targeted at non-it specialists and has very little BI and should also be accessible via the browser.

      Now, using JavaScript, there is the cross origin ressource problem, using AJAX. One solution is CORS: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/cors/

      For our Backend we have a standard ADF Stack, using an ADF BC, Data Controls and for the desktop webapp adf faces.
      Since mobile will be non-adf track, we want to expose a RESTful service. So far so easy. Now CORS has some special requirements as can be read on html5rocks above.

      I found this:
      which describes how to enable CORS with Jax-rs.

      But before I get to work I wondered if anybody has any experience with adf bc and restful services CORS enabled? Any boobytraps i should look out for?
      Usually I wouldn't ask such questions but i learned that it is always better to know about any traps within the adf environment beforehand to save myself quite a few headaches.