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    Password recovery of Netra x1

      hallo guys,

      i got a problem with a Server model from Sun microsystems Netra x1.

      a Company give me 2 netra x1 they dont know the password and the host ip ethernet configuration.
      What i got what i can use:

      Tera Term and Putty a console Cable to connect the sever with the PC.

      it dosent got a port for Screen Monitors. only 2 usb ports 2 console port lan port. Take a look in this picture


      please tell me how i can reset / recover the password of my netra

      answer would be nice in german, but it dosent matter if this would be in english

      yours faithfully

      Bakhtiry Jacob
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          Which password you want reset ?
          On LOM or Solaris password ?

          In case Solaris - it's well know operation ( just google it) but may be it's more easy instal fresh solaris ?

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            how can i install it ? via putty or tera term

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              Since the Netra X! does not have an optical drive, you will need to do a temporary workaround:
              Take the system and place it onto a workbench. Have access to a power source and to your console hookup.
              Remove the top cover and find the IDE connectors on the systemboard.
              Also find the molex power connectors from the PSU that can be used for drives.
              Add a conventional PATA optical drive, jumpered properly so that the OBP sees it when you do a probe-ide.

              Put a Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 disk into that optical drive.
              Boot from that optical drive.

              This link is to your Netra X1 as it was presented on the old Sun System Handbook. It's from a non-Oracle web site that mirrors that old discontinued resource.

              This next link is to Oracle's documentation page for your system: