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    Performance of LOVs

      Hi All,
      I have developed an ADF Form which communicates with backend webservice,which is working fine
      Now we got an requirement where in we need to add LOVs of Country,Building, Room,The values of Lovs are being queried from the DB.

      The location Lov is dependent on the Country selected and Room Lov is dependent on the Building selected.Below are the steps I
      1. Created the readonly views for the Country,Location,Room
      2. Added an excutewithParams for Location Lov, Passed the selected country value to the InvokeAction
      3. Followed the above step for the Room Lov.

      The refresh condition is ifNeeded and #{adfFacesContext.postback==true and pageFlowScope.CreateFormBean.buildingActionInvoke} for both Location and Room Invoke Action.

      The Lovs are working fine, Now my question are

      1. Is the refresh condition provided is proper ?
      2. In one of Use case I need to disable room Lov, The Lov is getting disabled but values are intact ,what should I do to empty the LOV ?
      3. I feel that performance of LOVs loading is slow,Is there a way to improve to the performance ?

      I am working on Jdev11.