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    BPM 11g integration with UCM11g using Java Enbedded acitivity

      Hi Friends,

      Can anyone throw some idea how to integration with BPM11g and UCM11g

      We need to have a java code using Java Enbedded acitivity.

      1) How to Connect to UCM 11g using java code any sample Java Embedded Code( we are connecting through RIDC)

      2) How to Fetch the document from UCM using RIDC.

      3) How to Close the Connection.


      Hi friends,

      My requirement was Using BPEL JAva Embedded Acitivity need to connect UCM by RIDC. Got SCAC exception. I could solve this today 3/12/2012... refer below link

      Re: SCAC-50012 Got this exception when using BPEL Java Embedded Activity

      But I have the actual thing.. as per my post..

      Now I need to fetch the doc i.e.,
      In UCM we have pdf documents i need to Download that document and show it in ADF UI using Java Embedded Activity.

      Ie., Using Java Code I need to Download and Decode the PDF file using Java Embedded Activity after Connection with UCM. Save as a file in Local Machine then I need to Encode ads PDF and Show it to ADF UI.

      Please experts its Quite Urgent!!



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