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    FORM Launched from OAF page

      We have requirement to launch Oracle form (.fmb) from OAF page with some parameters. We are able to launch the form but we are struggling to pass the parameters to fmb form.

      We have tried below approaches through OAF personalization but it didn’t work for us:
      We are passing the below string in DESTINATION URL:
      Also tried: "form:SQLAP:US_AP_SUPER_USER:STANDARD:CAPVDMVD_FUNC” (without parameter passing)
      The form itself didn’t get launch.

      The below approach is working for us:
      We are passing the Below string in DESTINATION FUNCTION
      The Form is opening fine but the parameter value is not getting passed. The text @ExtVendNum is getting passed rather than the value.

      Please suggest how to pass the values.