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    OBIEE 10.1 with Oracle 11g

      Can OBIEE 10 work with Oracle 11g?

      I installed OBIEE 10g on my laptop (Window home premium Vista)

      I then installed Oracle 11g database (desktop version)

      When I tried to import database in Administrator to create a repository, I provided the connection string for oracle 11g but it gave me following error

      Failed to load dll c:\OracleBI\Server\bin\nqsdbgatewayoci10g.dll. Check if Oracle 10g database client is installed.

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          Try to re-install or install the Oracle client with Advanced features. That solves your problem.

          1.Uninstall/Remove the previous 64 Bit JDK, 64 Bit Oracle Client and OBIEE
          2. Download and install the 32 Bit JDK and the 32 Bit Oracle 11G client
          3. Reinstall OBIEE according to the OTM Admin guide

          Appreciate if you mark as correct