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    Called report in BI Answers doesn't refresh calculation using current date


      I have a summary report that uses a calculation using the current date and time. When I press the
      refresh button, the value changes with the changing current date and time. eg. Current date and time - minus - Date A.
      That's all fine.

      I then do a drill-down to a detail report that uses the same calculation. The first time the value is correct.
      However, if I go back to the main report, and then call the drill-down report again 5 minutes later, the calculation in the called report
      has not changed by 5 minutes as it should. It shows the same value (current date and time - minus - Date A) as
      when it was called the first time.

      Is there some sort of cache that we need to change, to use the later time?

      Many thanks,
      - Jenny