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    Hey Tom,
    The document is real nice and like you stated, it is not too daunting. Esp. when reading your notes from the snippets within pdf. Well, let me first say that I was able to implement the application from the pdf within just like your example. So, the example definitely works without importing the .sql. Was able to import the Plug In '.... Modal Page (2.0.0) [Plug-in]' successfully. But I have a few issues while using Internet Explorer 7, APEX 4.0 with Theme Blue Gray - 13. I have the 'Object doesn't support this object or method' for Page 2(this is Page 1 from your example, I have a Home page 1) using IE. Now when I set the Condition of the report 'Book Cart' to never and the Dynamic Action 'Show modal' to never the error message no longer appears. But the Book Cart report is whats really needed. Also, not sure if the Add Row button is correct; I added the code like you listed but nothing occurs when clicked. I listed a few of the different features between version that may be an issue. I am close but I am not sure if its a version issue or something incorrect that I am doing. I would feel better if it didnt work on but the application worked, when imported and when I followed the pdf from your steps.
    Your Dynamic Action - Add Row
    Event: Click
    Selection Type: Button
    Button ADD(Add Row)
    True Actions:
    Event Scope: Static
    My Dynamic Action - Add Row
    Event: Click
    Selection Type: Region
    Region: Book Cart
    True Actions:
    javascript:addRow(); $("#my_tabular_form_id").find("a.modalshow:last").button({icons:{secondary:'ui-icon-circle-arrow-n'}});
    Event Scope: bind, live, once (are the only selections not Static or Dynamic)
    My Dynamic Action Add Row - Selection Type only has Item(s), Region, 
    DOM Object, jQuery Selector and does not list Button.  Also, my Add Row 
    Action When Button Clicked:
    Action: Redirect to URL
    Execute Validations: No
    URL Target:
    javascript:addRow(); $("#my_tabular_form_id").find("a.modalshow:last").button({icons:{secondary:'ui-icon-circle-arrow-n'}});
    Also, page 9 of PDF lists a Application Process=get_item_details which
    does not appear in the Shared Compoenents - Application Process. Is
    it hidden for a reason with the jquery or ....? Wish it was as simple as upgrading to 4.2 LOL! I do not want to continue to bother you about this considering your sample works and you blessed me with a pdf document. Thanks again and if you have any other ideas for 4.0 I would definitely appreciate them.

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