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    Multiple fields key in a Select one Choice component


      I have a database model made with 2 tables (TableA and TableB) with a 1:N relation. Both tables are mapped with view objects in ADF.

      TableA is a master table/View object and TableB is the detail table/View Object.

      TableA has a two fields PK (Field PKAA and PKAB). TableB has a one field primary Key and a two fields foreign key pointing to TableA's PK. Let's say PKBA and PKBB.

      TableB is displayed/updated in a JSF page. I need fields PKBA and PKBB be binded in a select one choice field that displays all values in TableA. The idea is that changing the value of the SOC, we can choose the TableA's record that we want TableB to point to.

      How do I do to create this two fields mapped SOC ?